Sissy Boy - Leading South Africa’s Fashion For Decades

The Sissy Boy brand is one the grand dames of South African fashion that clads the beautiful bodies in SA. For decades this brand has been a trendsetter and has helped tens of millions of fashionistas put their most stylish foot forward. 

As the heart of South Africa’s denim industry, their design team takes international trends and works their award-winning magic to make them more relevant to the creative “stylistas” here in our rainbow nation. In this country, we don’t follow style; we create style! And Sissy Boy takes that to a whole new level - again and again.

With their denim wizardry oozing from every garment, we are proud to be able to offer their steaming designs and jaw-dropping cuts.  

Look fierce, look feminine, look however you want because you can achieve that with jeans, accessories and other hot Sissy Boy products. Don’t accept ordinary when you are extraordinary! Use the Sissy Boy magic to unleash that powerful confidence bubbling below your gorgeous exterior. It’s time to love yourself and show the world they had better watch out! 

The Sizzle Behind The Sissy Boy Brand

In 1986, world-famous denim pioneer Ronald Sassoon ‒ the creative brain behind Sissy Boy jeans ‒ decided to build a stylish hub that would keep supplying dazzling creations into the new century. He blew the market away with perfectly executed Snow Wash jeans which put Sissy Boy on the map and the jeans sold out in minutes. 

Revolutionary Design

Since that revolutionary birth, the brand has maintained its strong position as the leader in cutting-edge denim finishing technology and design. Sissy Boy has decades of experience in innovative processing and ingenious new production methods for denim and other fabrics. 

As some of the best-fitting jeans and garments ever produced, every woman can find her perfect fit.

The design ranges have diversified to meet the growing needs of South Africa’s astute fashionistas. The brand now supplies jeans, athleisure, dresses, shirts, tops, jackets, sleepwear, handbags, jewellery, shoes and many more enticing items! 

International Influence

Sissy Boy keeps its perfectly manicured finger on the pulse of the latest international trends and carefully selects what is stylish enough for our discerning fashion followers. The highly skilled creative research team brainstorms with exceptionally talented in-house designers to create breathtaking designs that are highly sought after. 


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