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A Walking Pleasure  

Shoes should be anything but unbearable, and waiting for them to stretch out or become less cramped, is simply a waste of money. You shouldn’t be in constant discomfort with every step. Your shoes should feel snug but not confining because they can affect you more than you realise. Badly designed shoes can lead to blisters, bunions and even unsightly hammer toes. More than that, they can impact blood circulation, swollen legs and increased varicose veins. 

Worldwide Comfort  

Hush Puppies is a world-renowned brand founded in 1958 as a solution to the only painful and uncomfortable shoes on offer to consumers at the time. The unique name is derived from “barking dogs”, which is similar to painful feet. Dress shoes were usually the only choice most people had, even when the occasion called for something more casual. And you likely only had two colour choices to choose from, brown and black. 

Today, Hush Puppies pride themselves on bringing every colour to life through their shoes to give you a personal touch. These days, you really don’t have to suffer with every step thanks to the help of the brand’s dynamic Bounce Technology.  

Hush Puppies are designed for casual lifestyles, and you can tell every time you put a pair on. 

Soft, Bouncy, Walkable  

Hush Puppies are more than just walkable. They are designed for movement, for tackling uneven surfaces, busy days and high foot traffic areas with ease. You can use them around the house, playing with your children outside, running a marathon or even a family lunch. Hush Puppies are for every day.  

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